Oden, fka Java Oden, is a 2 1/2 year old brindle male born on April 10, 2018. His sire is Superior Panama and his dam is Now We Will Win. He has 41 races at Palm Beach Kennel Club. Oden is small dog tolerant. It is not known if he is cat tolerant.

Oden is a sweet, gentle boy. He loves humans the most and will follow us around the house. He is generally very calm though he does get a little scared of strange noises coming from ceiling fans and vacuums. Besides having to adjust to loud home appliances, Oden has settled into home life very easily.

Oden has done great around small dogs (~15 lbs) and our 5-year old niece. He does get excited if we leave and come home and will jump a little bit. If we have guests over he doesn't get overly excited and is very gentle in his approach while nicely asking for pets.

He currently is going on a few walks a day and does well on the leash. He's not overly playful with our greys in the backyard and gets along just fine with them. He does not appear to be dependent on having other dogs around and we think he could do well as a solo dog. He conquered our flight of stairs very easily, so we also think apartment life would suit him.

Oden is so loving and sweet and just can't wait to find his forever home!

Oden's Foster Parents